Adding 0.3lb per week. Is this enough? Low body weight.

I am 40 year old male who’s been lifting a couple of years now. I have a really small frame & currently weight just under 140lb at 5’7". I have been counting calories for years now so I can put on & lose weight pretty easily. I am currently clean bulking adding 0.3lb of weight per week. My understanding is that a clean lean bulk will minimise fat gains while gaining strength / muscle. I asked a question on another forum regarding my plateau on the bench press & the members basically called me underweight & I will never get strong been underweight & not willing to eat.

Am I doing anything wrong with my method which is adding 0.3 to 0.5lb per week? Surely this will keep fat gain to a minimum & avoid any unnecessary cutting further down the line. Can I never be strong / big given my low natural bodyweight?

I have attached a pic for reference.

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2019-03-18 22:00:01

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