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Any of you dudes done close grip bench press?


What’s it working?

Its working the same muscles as a wider grip bench

Its not a tricep exercise like most bros would have you believe, it works them to a large extent, but it also works the pecs and delts to a large extent

You tend to have to use a lighter weight than a wider grip bench press because the range of motion is longer, not because it uses less pecs etc, especially if you pause on the chest

It may even be slightly superior to a wider grip bench press for general strength and hypertrophy purposes, as less absoloute load might make recovery slightly easier, and it may be slightly easier on the shoulder joints if performed correctly

That is if absloute maximal weight on the bar isnt your goal ie powerlifting

But most intelligent training methods are going to have you train lift variations anyway so… for powerlifting past novice stage, you’ll probably be doing some close grip benching anyway

As for your picture

That is an idiotic grip bench press, not a close grip bench press

Any narrower than shoulder width is almost definitely going to limit your range of motion, as you wont be able to reach your chest with your hands in the way… and the grip shown in that picture is most likely going to do some damage to your wrists long term, and force you to use a really light weight

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