Did SS, 22y/o, looking to cut for 3 months, go to GYM everyday with 1 day off

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I am 22 y/o male did SS by mark riptoe last year and maid decent gains in strength while cutting. I am now 78kgs/171.6lbs. I am looking for a program that will keep me ingaged at the GYM. I have read the fourms and all but still confused, came across some guy named couchalia’s PPL which has been reomended alot, same as feirece 5. But I am unsure what to pick or if there any workour programes that I will be able to do for atleast 3 months 6 days a week preferebly. I am tracking my calories thourgh my fitness pal. Currently at 1500 calories and my hight is 167cm tall. Goal is to one day do one pull up.

Cheers for your advice and input.

Kind Regards

Transformationwonderboy/fattofame. (Thought this would be funny)

2019-03-31 09:08:22

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