Fierce 5 – Failed Deadlift / Progress Updates!

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Hey y’all,

10 weeks into Fierce 5 and about 20 weeks into Bulk. Will be posting pictures soon with progress but my end goal is in June to stop bulking and begin a cut.

QUESTION: Fierce 5 says that once you fail a workout *two days in a row*, you deload. Does this mean if I failed my deadlift today (Monday) and I fail once again on Friday, that I deload? Or do I begin that deload Friday this week? Do I try the weight I failed today again on Friday and if I succeed I don’t deload? Just a bit confused.

Current Lifts

Squat: 195 lbs

Bench: 180 lbs

Pendlay Row: 125 lbs

Overhead Press: 110 lbs (deloaded once a few weeks ago and now at a new personal record)

Deadlift: 160 lbs (failed at 165 lbs today)

All these exercises minus bench were new to me before starting Fierce 5 so I started relatively low in weight. Failed 165 lb deadlifts today . Would love some feedback and an answer to my above deload question! Happy Monday

2019-04-02 03:21:03

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