Is there caffeine in cocoa powder ?

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Is there caffeine in cocoa powder ? – Forums

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    Is there caffeine in cocoa powder ?

    Hi, i have a question. Im using RAW bio cocoa powder (unroasted) for my “before bed” shake, like 1 spoon. I just like the taste, shake is not that sweet after some cocoa powder and it has some antioxidants etc. Problem is, that i never had interest about coffeine in cocoa, i know there is some, but in which form and how much etc. , if there is caffeine in my cocoa powder, then now I know that Im stupid to have it before bed xD So my question is – is there any caffeine in RAW bio cocoa powder (unroasted) and if yes, how much ? (like i said, i use 1 spoon daily). If there is then i will switch my cocoa powder to breakfast, thanks for answer

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2019-03-31 20:33:03

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