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Hey guys! I just joined

I just wanted to ask a few questions cus im 19 and I want to get started on this new fitness lifestyle.

So first of..I used to be fat and I lost all the weight (over 20kg) but I just began looking weak cus of my height and weight ratio (186cm).

So after a few months prior to losing weight, I gained about 10kg back and I wouldn’t consider myself as “fat” but I definitely have more fat mass.

I just want to know what do I even do and where do I even get started?

I have stubborn belly fat, no chest definition, no muscle definition at all! Nothing on my body is lean except my legs I guess.

I’ve already been going to the gym for over 2 months, focusing on strength (I used to not be able to do any pushups and now I can do 5 full ones, progress is still progress hey haha)

Could you maybe give me some tips on what to do to get leaner, have more of a defined body and lose this fat off?


Very much appreciated

2019-03-19 21:56:04

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