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Hey guys,

Currently I am doing the Ryan Hughes Cutting Program and I am enjoying it a lot. However, I don’t know if it is what I should be doing for my current body shape so wanted to check with you guys. I am at 19-20% body fat at the moment and I am eating how I normally did besides getting rid of chips and soft drinks and other foods like that I was snacking on constantly. If I should continue with this program, should I also switch up my diet, I know this program is for cutting down fat and all but I don’t know whether following that diet would be good for me.

I am trying to work hard so don’t say anything that will demotivate me lol, just comment helpful stuff.

Thanks guys

Edit: My main aims atm are to increase my chest and shoulders, I have been told that I have average shoulders, neither narrow or broad but my chest is way too small right now in my opinion, let me know if there are concerns that you guys see as bodybuilders.

Edit 2: It says 49 on my profile but I am 18, sorry about that

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2019-03-31 14:44:40


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