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Put it this way, I have no problem with a viewer spoiling the film by just telling me about the bolded points,

You can’t verbally explain chemistry and bonding between characters, it needs to be seen, because it happens over time through circumstances and dialogue.

because I had no interest in Captain Marvel after her comments, which were not overblown btw, she singled out white people and said some movies “aren’t made for you” on some ironic segregation chit.

No, she was talking about a past movie, specifically designed for young adult women and women of colour, that she wasn’t interested in what white men had to say, because the movie wasn’t for them.

I’m not defending her, but it was (IMO) a clumsy comment, basically stating that the demographic that the movie was specifically made for wasn’t white men, so she wasn’t interested.

And the Avengers name, Tony had some line “if we can’t save the world, you can be sure we’ll avenge it.” So pretty obvious that the “Avengers” are a group that fight back when humanity is attacked.

That was after they got their name.

Captain Marvel is set in the 90s, they got their name in the 90s… So that isn’t how they got their name.

So, that quote doesn’t make their name obvious, that’s just dialogue built around their name.

Let’s be honest, all this little crap like Fury’s eyepatch was put in there to add some value to Marvel and her story. But Fury losing an eye from a cat? When he was part of an epic group like SHIELD? Just lol.

The reason why you’re LOLing is because you haven’t seen the movie. Srs.

It doesn’t seem crazy that ‘a cat’ would make him lose his eye, if you watch the movie.

Everyone who watched the film understands. Ded srs.

2019-03-25 22:10:31

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