Well better late than never …. finally leaving(pics)

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Finally leaving tommorow.

Gotta get a buddy to let me use his tools so I can connect my muffler to my tailpipe because that will be an auto fail for smog in CA.

I’ll be done with that tommorow around 9ish and will be on the road by the latest at 10.

Wanted to leave a lot earlier but he was pretty slammed today.

That one dude who was a friend of the family really ****ed my plans up and now I’m a week behind schedule.

It’s ok though, tommorow a great weight will be lifted from shoulders and I won’t care.

If you see a maroon 2nd gen ram on the streets in SD with peeling on the roof and a bunch of stickers that is in fact op …. I have horrible RR by the way so best to keep your distance

Had a bunch of tedious little stuff I had to get like a spare wheel but now I’m 100% prepared

Here are some pics of poverty VB.

I’m more of a Norfolk boy because one area holds a very special place in my heart but I was in the OF area

Will update with pics of crammed truck when I leave and pics of scenery on my trip

2019-03-23 04:41:26

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