Working out with an Injured hand?

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Working out with an Injured hand? – Forums

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    Working out with an Injured hand?

    Hello, I’m recently recovering from a gunshot wound to the hand. It severed my Ulnar nerve in my left hand Giving me limited mobility with my fingers (Ring and pinkie finger mostly) and it has caused me to lose a lot of strength in my hand as I’ve kept it pretty immobile. Recovery time is expected to take around 6 months before I even get adequate range of motion and strength back ( if any at all). I’ve only been out of surgery for 3 and a half weeks but I want to get into the gym. I don’t want to train just one arm as I don’t want to look weird with one small arm and one big one. Are there any tools on the market or equipment I could buy to help assist me with curls and forearm work outs? As well as exercises I can do to keep my figure up to standard? My wrist has also been pretty immobile as well so it’s pretty weak. Traditional bench at this point isn’t an option. I’m up for any options or any advice. Thanks

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