Would it be weird to comment this on a girl’s instagram?

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It’s weird for an adult to use Instagram. Inb4 negs from social media queens.

1. What age is considered an “adult” for you?
2. I agree but too bad 90% of the society and 99% of the women don’t agree with us.. so Instagram is a legit way to meet women these days, even if you’re 27, 28 or 30

I never had one, and consider it kinda odd to see any guy of any age entertained by scrolling through pictures on their phone. Truly amazing. But I’m only going to say its odd for an adult (18+) because I’m not sure what it is like to be raised in today’s gender fluid, can’t do anything fun, **** parents time period, because as a 90’s kid I was raised a few years before it started to go completely downhill and you could still get away with doing dumb/fun **** as a kid.

If you’re having women problems, it’s not because you don’t have an instagram, it’s because you’re lame. Even fat and ugly dudes who are entertaining and fun have no problem getting women, and not having social media (I don’t use snapchat, only have FB so my family can share pictures, legit never made a post) has caused me absolutely 0 problems getting women.

2019-03-22 03:59:11

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