Kawachi Push up, Twister, Roller, Stepper, Sit ups – 5 in 1 Fitness Board Exerciser

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Price: INR 3,400.00 - INR 1,999.00
(as of Apr 18,2019 05:55:35 UTC – Details)

Body workout is most essential part of fitness. Gym is not convenient & affordable for everyone.
Kawachi multipurpose Fitness board gives.
1. Freedom & Privacy to work out as per convenience of time.
2. Its portability gives option to workout at any place.
3. Gives 4 exercises in 1 machine.

Features :
1.Stepper: This cardio vascular exercise involves major muscle groups performing work for long duration. This increase aerobic capacity. This in turn can make daily physical activity easier to accomplish. This burns calories & helps to reduce weight with regular use.
2.Roller Exerciser: Various types of floor exercises can be done with this which can help to reduce your Fats, build muscles, tightening abs etc. Simple exercises can be performed & intensity can be reduced / increased with the help of resistance tube.
3.Pushups: It’s a full body workout. It helps you to focus on arms, Abs & lower body. It also helps to create balance & stability build muscle density, making strong core & tone upper body muscles.
4.Twister: It works out on upper body, Lower body & core at the same time. Strengthens muscles, helps to detoxify the body. It’s an effective cardio work out.
5.Sit-ups: Sit-ups and push-ups have been the mainstay of home calisthenics routine for decades, and with good reason. Between the two exercises, your core, your upper body and your back are strengthened. And of course there’s the great advantage of having a well-rounded workout you can do anytime, anywhere — great for travel or when you don’t have access to a gym.
Multipurpose Home and Gymnasium Exerciser.
Workout benefits of pushups, stepper, Roller, Sit up & Stepper in 1 Exerciser Machine.
Body workout for men & women.
Adjustable resistance band for different workout intensities.
Compact Portable & sturdy design for convenience.Helps in slimming, toning, body building, muscle development etc.

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