7 Circuit Workouts to Hit Every Muscle Group

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Assuming you’ve spent the winter months packing on mass and then springtime losing the excess body fat you put on, you’re probably looking pretty damn good by now. If so, congrats. The good news is that the hard part is over—now you just need to maintain your physique until the sun of summer sets. And now that you’re in maintenance mode, you don’t need to spend untold hours every day toiling away in a sticky gym just to nail down your physique.

Thankfully, evidence supports the benefits of shorter workouts. The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that just 10 minutes of exercise per week could improve your overall health, and the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience linked 20 minutes of exercise to improved memory function

Not a bad bonus, huh? Now choose one of these 20-minute workouts, broken down by body part, get a workout in—and then get the hell outside!



2019-08-15 21:49:00

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